Old PIN/password screen design.

  • Is there a way to get the old (Canonical OTA-13) PIN/password screen design? The Canonical OTA-13 one is one with a numberpad over the whole screen with transparent buttons which I enjoyed very much.

    It looked like this:

    Old PIN screen.

  • We know but the problem is deeper: For a convergent device you need to have smth that works also on an external display, with mouse & keyboard, so it was decided to make this compromise. Its actually only affecting the password screen. PIN should still work 😉

    This might change at some point in the future but currently UI team has no time for that, sry.

  • PIN and password both use the standard text entry field now, @Flohack although the OSK is different depending on which you use.

    The exact reasoning for the change was a bit different (you can still use mouse/keyboard with the more stylized PIN entry of course), but it's inconsistent from the passphrase entry. The PIN/password system is also kind of weird as far as implementation goes.

    There will likely be other issues to deal with when bringing in latest Mir and unity8 as well. The unity8 greeter for example is not usable on 18.04 at the moment, and I think that is due to the changes in Mir. I'm not sure if the same issue will happen on 16.04 (the x86 builds are still not installable afaik).

  • @dobey said in Old PIN/password screen design.:

    Mir. I'm not sure if the same issue will happen on 16.04 (the x86 builds are still not in

    Summary: its not easy to modify, and so we leave it currently as it is 😉

  • @dobey , @Flohack :

    But when returning from flightmode, to unlock the Simcards (on FP2), the old screen design is still in use.

  • Can someone please post images or URLs for the new design in use now. Thanks.

  • Ah, I was a little bit wrong: All SIM-pin entry screens are like this (on 16.04-devel FP2):


    And PIN / password to unlock display is like this:


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