Updated Channel Settings does not reflect on "Update" Screen and "Update settings" Screen

  • (As I did not find the right place to file the improvement request for OS...)

    System Settings - Updates
    Does not show the currently choosen Channel.

    Also under
    System Settings - Updates - Update settings - Channels.
    When another channel is choosen (a tick mark confirms it) followed by back arrow on left top, the Update settings screen does not reflect the changed channel. It only shows the previously choosen channel ! Even if we go into Channels again and come out, it will not.

    And if we come out by another back arrow, the Updates screen does not show the current choosen channel. The user might be under the impression that the channel had NOT been changed.

    1. It is better to display the current channel on "Updates" Screen.
    2. "Update settings" should show the changed channel name.



  • @nnn you can report those issues here https://github.com/ubports/system-settings/issues

    As it isn't intuitive at all to find the right place to file a report about an specific app, what I do is go to https://github.com/ubports and type the name of the app in the search field of that page and search only "In this organization".

  • @advocatux Oh Yes. Got it. Will submit there. Thanks.

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