Programming languages supported by Ubuntu Snaps

  • I'm not really sure what you are trying to achieve with this topic? Would you mind expanding on it a little more please?

    Is your intention to document application development for unity8 / Ubuntu Touch?

    Some notes:

    Ubuntu "snaps" support any programming language as it's just a packaging format, and are not limited to what you have documented above. Also yaml and soap are not programming languages... one is a data serialization format for configuration files and the other is a protocol specification for structured data.

    The HTML5 sdk hasn't been maintained for a couple of years now and shouldn't be considered an option unless somone wishes to bring it up to spec with the QML UI toolkit.

    There is the Ubuntu React Native framework that web devs could use to bring there apps to Ubuntu

  • Good afternoon UBPorts,

    So after a brief hiatus, I'm returning to these forums. Dan, to answer your question, my original intent with this post was to attempt to identify all the programming languages used to create Ubuntu Phone apps. Different sources tell me different things and I'm looking for one definitive source.

    So if we compare Apples and Ubuntus, Apple has a singular definitive language that they use "Swift". Ubuntu seems fragmented in comparison with available information. If you could please point me to a good book or definitive source on Ubu app development, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

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