Nexus 5 GPS Errors and other issues

  • Sadly still no correct location.

    1)Gave Clock gps access (cleared cache with UT Tool) says I am in Greenville? thats like 4 days drive. I noticed that in settings menu for time in ub touch it says correct area.

    1. Waited 20 minutes for UNAV Sadly still sames same area. Even when I initiate gps to go somewhere it starts me in that area not where I actually am not at.

    Do you think its the cellular issues I mentioned in first post that mess with gps location? (Currently tested with wifi and cellular data).

  • @that_rin
    in my case wifi and cellular are active (I have the impression that restarting did the main job...)
    if you got wifi access just give it a try without cellular data (?)

  • @obacht I have tried many combination cellular on/off, wifi on/off , and both same issue. Appear in same spot never exact location. It worked out of state tho when I was in Nevada.

  • @that_rin in system settings time and date check your timezone is correct (type in your home town/City) and set time and date is automatic.If I think if anything else I'll get back to you.

  • Have you tried upgrading your radio-firmware? I'm was running the N5 with the OTA3 15.04 RC image with unav for 6.000km in 2 weeks on european roads, it worked pretty well. Just twice the GPS refused to work, i had to reboot.
    With OTA5 RC I didn't test on the road, but it finds home in less than 1 minute (wifi).
    I extracted my radio firmware long ago from the last google-image.

  • @lakotaubp I have time settings set to atomatic it list a town thats about 12 minutes away from me as the time zone.

    As for the radio upgrade Yes I have done that already.

    Dont really know what else it could be because it just seems gps doesnt work anywhere In my home state it seems.

  • @that_rin just about the running out of ideas now one last one are you on the dev channel for updates. If not try that you can always go back afterwards, restart and see if that fixes it. Also try switching flight mode on and off.

  • Theres a uNav update out. You never know.

  • I had this problem once (gps located me 300km away) due to hardware. I changed the back-lid and other components (changed my mainboard to phone with broken mainboard) and gps problems were gone. Check the springs touching the lid.

  • Just an update
    1)Checked the hardware nothing about seems damaged
    2)No the new unav updates didn't fix the issue

    issue here: doesn't find my location.

    Scanning around the forum it seems other people with nexus 5 have the same issue. As seen here

    I am just wondering if people who have a nexus 5 could kindly test to see if you get correct location because I starting to think its a bug and not a hardware issue.

    Specifically test on OTA 5
    Just an idea because I am at a loss. Sorry if I keep spamming this issue. Thanks.

  • @that_rin No problem will charge one of mine and see what I get. If anyone else can help or confirm that would be great. Thanks.
    Edit: same issue here

  • Ok we may have a conflict with held over info. Just re installed 16.04 dev with wipe via the installer on nexus5. Downloaded uNav. Opened uNav allowed access to position (this will annoy you) 10 secs and location bang on. No messing about straight there.
    So could you remove uNav via UT Tweak tool clearing cache data info the works first then uninstall and restart the phone. Then install uNav again and see what happens.

  • I checked today while walking to work: N5 with Ubuntu 16.04 (2018-W42) from RC-Channel, uNav 1.9 with opentopo map:
    Initial location after reboot takes less than 1 Minute, but is ~100m away from real location. It takes more ~30 seconds to find the real location (+/-5m).
    After turning off the screen it gave the first time a gps-error and needed to reboot.
    Next tests with turning off the screen (from 1 minute to 4 hours): 3-5 seconds to find location ~50 m away, 5 more seconds to find location +/-5m.
    I got an error executing /usr/bin/gps_test, (with and without sudo), no idea why.
    But uNav works as it should.

  • Here is my experience. I flash my device with wipe data. Install Unav, the location is detected correctly within seconds. After reboot, location isn't detected any more, no matter what I try.

  • @lakotaubp Cleared the cache and uninstalled unav installed after reboot.

    Still having the same issue where it starts me about 20 to 30 miles away from my current position.

    Currently on OTA 5 Stable
    tested with map box and others

    I dont really want to wipe my phone to much invested into it.

  • @lyovushka I don't have the Nexus with me now will test later.

  • @that_rin no don't do that. Let's have a bit more investigation. Just for info did you delete the data and config as well or just the cache

  • @lakotaubp yes I checked all the boxes in UT Tweak tools when clearing unav.

  • @that_rin Thanks for your input and help.

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