Morph Browser

  • after surfing some sites, even in new tabs , suddenly the browser terminates (crashes??)

  • @ksalver Hi, I have moved this to support as it is probably better suited to this section. Also the post is not clear as to if it is a question or a statement. Morph Browser is still new and issues are beginning to be reported. If you want help with this issue could you please make it clear that is what you would like and I'm sure someone will try and help. Individual apps also mostly have their own page on GitHub for reporting bugs and repeating issues. Morph browser is here you can always check there to see if your issue has been covered already.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Did you close a tab? There is an issue where closing a tab will close the app, which appears as if it crashed.

  • Ha, I had the opposite last night. I was running a (music streaming) web app, closed the tab--and the web app kept running, now with no way to stop the music. Had to close the browser app and restart. 🙂

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