Fix technical debt

  • Thank you for having shared your ideas so as to be the more efficient as possible.

    It has appeared in milestones, OTA 6 : fix technical debt.
    Can you please clarify what it's mean exactly in simple language, for non-experts ?

    Thank you again

  • Hi @domubpkm, I've forked this post to keep the original on topic.

    We are planning to use OTA-6 only to fix bugs rather than new features. "Fixing technical debt" is basically "paying attention to the code that's already here, rather than bringing in anything new".

  • @unisuperbox It was what i thought but i wanted to be sure.. A VERY GOOD DECISION OF THE TEAM ! Thank you again and good work !!

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    This post is deleted!

  • hi @UniSuperBox

    As i read a lot of things everywhere, i saw the developers discussions, the things that have been already done in view of OTA 6.

    But for example, i also saw the VERY big work yet to do to get a very reliable morph browser (big thanks for the big work of Balcy on morph).

    So FOR ME, you (developers) don't have a knife on your throat, and it's not a problem if you delay the stable OTA 6 for some weeks (before christmas) to improve yet a bit things. As we have an RC update every week..

    So too, thanks for @flohack to have already solved big phone issues.

  • @domubpkm Not everybody use RC channel; many use Stable channel so delaying OTA6 for weeks is not a so good idea.

  • Well, you see, I'm a horrible perfectionist. That makes me perfect for managing releases! 😃

    It also makes me terrible at it. My instinct is to delay until everything is done and the release is perfectly what we said it would be. News flash (not), that's not how things make by humans work.

    I'm taking the feedback in Gotta release fast to heart.

    I think I can speak for all the users here and say: we are always ready to receive the latest working version.


    We don't need faster (or slower) releases. We need verifiable releases.

    I'm trying to make our work for this release as transparent as possible so everyone knows exactly where we are and what needs to be done. To that end, we've started tracking administrative-level (NOT development) tasks in an epic on GitLab: OTA-6 Release.

    Devel today is better than stable OTA-5. I have no doubt about that. Because of that, I feel that we're nearing good time to freeze, issue a call for testing, and get this release out... and then continue to work to make OTA-7 better than OTA-6.

    Not perfect. Better.

  • You're not that horrible, @unisuperbox. 😉

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