bypass power button

  • Hello everybody,

    While i was on distrowatch today, i found out you were still supporting and updating ubuntu touch.
    So i decided to try it on my old nexus 5. Everything went well and it is perfectly working.
    However, my nexus 5 power button is not working anymore and i wanted to find a way to unlock lockscreen without it.

    • I tried to find out about double tap or wave to wake but it does not seem to exist.
    • I tried to modify the keymapping and modify the files in /system/usr/keylayout/ but i have a read-only error and i did not succeed to make the files readable.

    Does somebody have a solution for my problem ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer


  • @remyl hi, yes the Nexus 5 button misbehaving is a well known hardware issue in that device model. Probably trying to clean it or replacing it, if it's really broken, it will be better than trying to find a software workaround, IMO.

  • Yes, i know that it's a known problem. The button was broken and has been removed, i tried to changed it but i didn't have the tools to do it that's why i want to find a software solution. I found a workaround for everything except to unlock lockscreen.

    Modify the keymapping worked on android, and the same thing should work on ubuntu touch but the files are note writable

  • If there's a decent shop in your area, you should be able to get a new button installed for $20-30 or so.

    But if the power button is completely dead, how are you even able to turn the device on?

    I mean, you can just plug in the USB to power and the screen should come on, and then you should be able to unlock it.

  • The phone boot when it's plugged to the usb charger. The thing is that when the phone is booted i almost never shut it down, however unlock the lockscreen is inconvenient and plug it the the charger work but it's not a solution

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