Mobile Connection Control

  • I've been having difficulty developing an app within Android and am curious if it would be easier to do within UT. Does UT have the architecture that would make it possible/easy to see what cell towers I'm connected to manually select what one I'm communicating through and what information is being sent? I'll mention that this is not for any nefarious purpose because I can imagine similar functions could be. I'm an automation engineer so am not specifically experienced in app development, more pc based stuff but am confident to stumble through and work it out. Would appreciate any feedback on the possibility of this within UT.

  • @dreddx49 Have moved your question to app development . Better place for answers.

  • In short, no, I suspect it's not doable. I think this is more due to the fact that the broadband radio is a black box, regardless of platform, though.

    It is possible to get a little info, such as what network is connected, as you can see in the settings panels. It is of course possible to do standard monitoring of the network connection at the OS level, which would be the same for WiFi/etc… but it's not really possible to poke at anything going on inside the baseband firmware itself, as it's a black box.

    If someone took the time to reverse engineer that black box and create a fully open source firmware that could replace the black box, that'd be great, but I won't hold my breath for it. 🙂

  • @dobey Thanks, that answers my question - I'll probably have to look at other options to achieve this.

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