System crash (16.04)

  • On 16.04 the System crashes when playing a youtube-video with morth-browser (after some minutes) or when trying to send 5 pictures at once from the gallery to telegram. On 15.04 the apps will crash and I can restart them, and if that does not help i can restart the phone. Which logs are usefull in this context? I have installed logviewer-app an have take a look like a pig into clock-gears 🙂 What I have see is in log of "unity8-dash" a lot of lines like this: <unknown File>:25: TypeError: Cannot read property of null. the number in the follwing lines changes 61, 62, 38, 39, 25, 61, 62, 38,39 25 ....
    It feels like a memory eater is in the phone-system at this point. My device is a E5 (i jumped from OTA3 to rc 2018-W42 with an update in system settings)
    Is there anyone else who can confirm this behavior or is it possible that is only on my phone?

  • Moved this post to Support.

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