Q&A 39 This Saturday 27/10/18 @19:00 UTC.

  • Questions, Questions, Questions. There are many out there. We want your UBports related ones please for this Saturdays Q&A.
    OTA-5, System development, Release schedule and update numbering, whatever they are get them in nice and quick so we can answer your questions as fully as possible.
    Then watch live here on the day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_l3erCuZb4

  • @lakotaubp Was the Porting/building Halium always so hard and hit or miss? How Canonical build the images and installed them? Did they get the source code directly from OEM or they also had to build it from CM/Lineage?
    Is there any slight chance to get the building of Halium and/or porting and/or debugging of new ports any easier in the near future?

  • This question is aimed at both the developers and community in general. The UBPorts installer makes it easy to flash your device, and Clickable makes it easy to bootstrap and build a new app. What additional ways can we lower the barrier to entry for development of Ubuntu Touch?

  • How is the Anbox development coming along? For those who already use it, how stable is it, what apps and features (GPS, Bluetooth etc) are working?

  • Hello,
    Thanks for all the hard work and getting Xenial out 🙂
    Following on the Halium question above:
    What is the current status of the Librem/i.mx 6/8m image?
    Are there plan to support the Pine Phone?
    Additionally, what about Raspberry Pi and a VM image?

  • Hey there,
    for over one year now I lived in a sad world in the belief that Ubuntu touch is dead. Now I stumbled across you great people and suddenly there is hope and color again in this world 😛 Just ordered a new battery for my old OPO and in a week or so I should be a proud owner of an Ubuntu touch device!
    I have some questions. I'm sure some of them were already addressed, feel free to just ignore them.

    • How can someone with mediorce coding skills and ~2-3 hours time a week help this project the best?
    • Where to start when you want to go into app development? Wikis, tutorials, documentations, (development kits?)
    • At which place in the financial priority list is buying a decent camera/microphone/lights/greenscreen for the Q&As? at least for Dalton as a moderator.. (is that you @Lakotaubp?)
    • What are you mid-term and long-term goals? I mean the foundation manifesto gives a good idea, but it would be great to here it from you guys. To put it in a job interview style: Where do you see yourself/ the project in a year from now?
    • When I remember correctly, you can fund 1.5 full time developers atm, right? Granted the community stays active and the project flourishes, do you have any clue how many full timers it would need in the long run to sustain a mobile operating system? I know tons of factors come into play here, but what is the order of magnitude?

    I think that is it for now. I would be happy to see some of these questions addressed in the Q&A. Keep up the great work!

  • @elpunkt No Dalton is not me. He will be pleased to know : ) but @UniSuperBox

    • What improvements and fixes for the Morph Browser are marked as "definitely will happen" for OTA-6? Biggest requests I have myself is to be able to sign into sites like Dropbox, and be able to upload files to various services via the browser itself.
    • Any chance that camera zoom for the OnePlus One will get fixed in OTA-6 - or is this just a serious brickwall of an issue that will likely take much longer, if ever, to fix?
    • Would UBports consider hosting crowd sourcing drives for specific native apps? E.g. on the Telegram channel there were two of us that were willing to put up $80 to help fund coding for a native Wire app - and I would be willing to donate $200 myself towards a native Lyft app. Seems to me if there was a place hosted on the UBports site where people could donate towards funding specific apps they desired - with any funds held in escrow by UBports itself - then greater funds could be raised, and the donors would have the confidence that their money would not be sent without a functional app getting delivered, and the coders would have the confidence that they would get all pledged monies as soon as they delivered the functional app.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • WRT the comment by @totalsonic , it sounds like UBPorts should set up an account on BountySource. That would be awesome.

    Also, back in the day, there was Ubuntu Brainstorm (does anybody remember that?). I do think it would be great if there was somewhere that the community could post their "wishlist" items and ideas for UT. Maybe that's BountySource, maybe some kind of idea voting app. Or maybe even just a wiki page somewhere. What's the likelyhood of having some place for those ideas to go? And, is the tracker really the best place for that? (Maybe it would be if we had the heat feature similar to launchpad).

  • Any news on widevine for the Morph Browser?
    And what is the status of the foundation?

    Best regards

  • Hello extraordinary people,

    Is the A-GPS or Mozilla Location Service (MLS) integrated in Ubuntu Touch?

    If so, since when?

    If not, is there a plan?

    Thanks for all !!! 😃

  • 0_1540686426091_2018-10-28 (1).png

    It says that this translation is currently locked in the update

    When will it be open to translate these

    • UBports/indicator-power
    • UBports/indicator-sound
    • UBports/indicator-"Date & Time"

    So how do you guys deal with the translation of the content to the software application

  • Has the UBports team received the Purism Librem 5 developer boards yet - and based on specs known so far, does it seem realistic that it will end up being a fully convergence capable device?

  • @bolly Yes, the Mozilla service has been integrated since I think the OTA-2 or such from a year ago.

  • @louies Why are these indicators only listed under the zh-hant translation though? I do not see them here, on the main components listing on translate page at all.

  • @dobey Sorry I has been fixed

  • @louies I fixed indicator-power so it's uploaded all the existing translations from Launchpad into weblate, and Florian has unlocked it for translation updating now. I think there are still a couple missing strings, as the template was not updated when the flashlight (torch) feature was added, though.

    I'll do similar for the other indicators soon.

  • @dobey thanks you : ) Thanks for your painstaking!

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @blanca12 This is the current Anbox thread https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1676/development-testers-for-anbox/12. which may help. Just for info these Q&A threads are for questions before the event take place. After the event there is a blog post of the event released which can be found here https://ubports.com/blog and a link is also posted in this New section when they are available.

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