OTA 5 and BQ E5 battery problem

  • Hi everyone,

    I updated my phone to OTA5 last week and since, I have a problem with the battery.
    Phone hardly still live for 12hours and the bottom (where the battery is) is hot...

    I don't know how to diagnostic/solve this problem, anyone have something similar ?

    Do you have a clue of the problem ?



  • Hi again,

    Sorry, I tried to modify the category for support and I can't, some admin can do that please ?


  • @mika15 Move done. As for battery issue try letting battery completely drain and if you can fully charge with phone off. That may reset it.

  • @lakotaubp Thanks and thanks, I will let the phone completely discharge and check what happen, I will come back to you after that.


  • Hi,

    Yesterday when I published this message my phone was at 2% and I let it charging completely and this morning I'm at 78% so I think that my problem is solved.
    I also uninstalled all scopes apps related. maybe it helped!


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