will be updated scope who worked on version 15 (-

  • I am the owner bq-e5 I bought it for (38.13 USD) very pleased with the work! I doubt that Andrew for such money would work like that! Thanks you !
    but a question authors who in the old version parti scope(today,RRSREADER,News,Music Video,film lens )
    Will they update compatibility with 16 version ?? or is it difficult to do ?? very useful screens

    thank you very much

  • scope (today, RRSREADER, News, Music Video, film lens)
    Will they update compatibility with version 16 ?? or is it difficult to do ?? very useful screens eutor will update them to version 16, I would like not to lose the functionality of version 15, the more they have already worked on your platform

  • @boris hi, you can edit your posts clicking on those 3 dots on the right hand side of any post.

    Most old scopes are incompatible with xenial, and they are targeted to be deprecated completely for OTA-8 (https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/milestone/11).

  • @advocatux and how to be a reduction of the functional or it is still possible
    update them so that they can work

  • just some kind of iPhone turns out and the tables are then not needed if there is no need to create then analogs _)) and then the hat -) sorry I am not a programmer I would help

  • @boris the problem is that there's only a bunch of developers doing the programming work and they are focused on the main issues, trying to push UT forward.

    Scopes are a extremely complex piece of software and for no real gain. They want to be like apps but they aren't.

    Of course, if someone wants to develop them, and maintaining them, the door is open.

  • it is a pity that the developers have scored on their innovations scop

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