16.04 Dekko2: can not get 2nd account to send msg

  • I forgot to mention, that at the end of the creation of the 2nd account, Dekko2 tried to validate it, which always returns to the page of the SMTP configuration. Ofc the credentials are correct.

    I created two IMAP+SMTP accounts in Dekko2, exactly as I have them in my older E4.5 with Dekko. The first created is working. The 2nd works as far as IMAP is concerned, but not for sending with SMTP. In a log file it says:

    tail -f upstart/application-click-dekko2.dekkan_dekko_0.1.6-beta2.log
    20181024 16:59:14.064 CEST Stopping timer
    [20181024 16:59:14.064 CEST Saving final draft
    [20181024 16:59:14.066 CEST UPDATING DRAFT
    [20181024 16:59:14.067 CEST Adding new draft
    [20181024 16:59:14.097 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [handleNewMessages] >> Starting
    [20181024 16:59:14.114 CEST Removing old draft
    [20181024 16:59:14.116 CEST Draft updated
    [20181024 16:59:14.117 CEST Draft saved. Moving to drafts folder
    [20181024 16:59:14.118 CEST SETTING LAST ID:  1758
    [20181024 16:59:14.118 CEST Final draft id valid?  true
    [20181024 16:59:14.120 CEST Constructing message
    [20181024 16:59:14.134 CEST Msg valid>  true
    [20181024 16:59:14.134 CEST Queuing message to send
    [20181024 16:59:14.159 CEST SelectedIndex:  1
    [20181024 16:59:14.183 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> Refreshing Message List
    [20181024 16:59:14.295 CEST [ubuntumirclient] >> Attempted to deliver an event to a non-existent window, ignoring.
    [20181024 16:59:14.338 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [MessageList::refreshResponse] >> Started
    [20181024 16:59:14.339 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [MessageListWorker::sortAndAppend] >> Starting
    [20181024 16:59:14.339 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [MessageListWorker::sortAndAppend] >> Finished in:  0 milliseconds
    [20181024 16:59:14.349 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [MessageList::refreshResponse] >> Finished
    [20181024 16:59:15.235 CEST [dekko.mail.msglist] >> [handleUpdatedMessages] >> Starting
    The message gets transfered to the OutLook server and sits there in the Drafts folder, which is also visible in Dekko2, but does not get sent to the destination. If I look with another MUA into the source of the mail in the Drafts, it looks as it should as far as the headers belongs.
    What can I do?

  • Are both accounts from the same server? What happens if you add only one? Or both but in the opposite order?

  • I found out how to enable the debug log for SMTP, IMAP, ... and found the problem. It' now working fine. One more showstopper sorted out.

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