No Haptic Feedback on 16.04

  • I've recently been updated to 16.04 RC on my Aquaris E4.5 and there are many improvements, thank you. One major annoyance though is that haptic feedback seems to be entirely missing on the entire OS except when typing on the keyboard. Is this a feature, a bug? I know that feedback has been entirely missing on the spacebar since I started using UBPorts (and still is) but now I don't get any feedback at all. This obviously makes it difficult to tell whether a press has been registered when opening and navigating apps.

    Is there a setting that I have missed or that needs to be turned back on? Thanks for the help.

    BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu 16.04 (2018-W39)

  • @pablo180 did such feature existed in vivid? I don't remember it now.

    Maybe you should file a bug report, because something that was running in vivid it isn't working in xenial, or if that feature didn't exist before, file it as an "enhancement".

  • Yes @advocatux haptic feedback has been in UT for many years. If it's not working, there's a regression somewhere.

  • @dobey did it exist when "opening and navigating apps"?

    I know that it works with the usual things (OSK, Numpad, calls, etc) but I don't know if it should work while "navigating apps".

  • Yes, any normal buttons/mousearea/etc in the UI would have the quick vibrate.

  • I noticed that the first button/action/etc... you press actually triggers the haptic but then, somehow, all the other times you tap the haptic doesn't work...

  • @advocatux Yes. It was in Settings > Sounds > Other Vibrations. However this was unfortunately already turned on, so that wasn't the problem. If I turn 'Other Vibrations' off, I basically get the same result - keyboard still vibrates but nothing else.

  • @mymike Yes, that's exactly it! I didn't really notice that before but after some experimenting I realized that it is firing on the first button or action, usually with a slight delay, then no further haptic feedback. Sometimes after a while it does seem to fire again, usually in Settings or something once more, again usually delayed, and then only the once and nothing afterwards. It is quite strange.

  • I've also noticed that when comparing it to the same phone still running 15.04, the vibrations on the keyboard, and presumably elsewhere in the UI, aren't as pronounced or 'loud' in 16.04 as they were in 15.04. Could that be the problem, that they are firing but are just too subtle? Is there a way to turn them up?

  • @pablo180 I don't think so, but maybe...

    BTW, is there already an issue on Github for this? would you like to open it? otherwise I can do it...

  • @mymike No there isn't an issue opened for it yet. If you could open it that would be great as I don't have a github account.

  • it was already opened I noticed