problème Lecteur music et clavier

  • Hello,
    I encountered a problem with my player "MUSIC", it no longer recognizes my albums would anyone have another drive for ubuntu key?
    Also problem with the keyboard that rewrites the words (like a copy / paste)
    Thank you
    (I'm from France and I use Google translation so sorry for translation 😜)
    And thanks also to ubports for their work.

  • Hi everyone,

    I installed ubport on monday and I have the same problem. Yes, I am french and I don't speak well english 😉
    More seriously, the Music app doesn't find my music, which is on the sd card. For the gallery, no problems, pictures are find, and pictures taken by the camera are well stored in the sd card.
    I tried different things, like reboot several time, several re-install, etc...
    Except this problem, everything works fine and I congratulate all the people from ubport to keep ubuntu phone alive!

    But please, I can't live without music. Any idea?

  • Hi, what device and what release channel?

    I don't have any problem playing music with the Music app in my BQ E4.5, stable channel.

    The only problem and this goes since Ubuntu times is that not every album cover or artist picture appears.

    My music is in the SD card too.

  • Good to know that it could work. I have a bq 5 hd under ubuntu 15.04 (r1), normally the stable channel.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @Teigneux Have you tried looking at your music through the file manager,then try to play a song that way, it may then get your music player to start making a library of your music,it may be worth a try.

  • I've tried but unfortunatly it doesn't work. The Music app say in french "Echec du déplacement" meaning Error for moving. I've also tried to put a shortcut with the ln command from the music sd card folder to the music phone folder, but nothing better append.

  • @Teigneux Have you tried,enabling full access in the file manager ?. I only have music on the external SD, and do not have any on the device.

  • Yes, everything is accessible. I think it is something with canonical apps: I cannot see my pictures in the photo scope (and music and video), but I can see them in the gallery. Gallery was rebuilt by ubport right?

  • @Teigneux are you sure your SD card is ok?

  • Yes, I can see everything in the file manager and I can open pictures or pdf. And my ringtone is a file in this card. I really don't understand...

  • @Teigneux you could try to delete the mediastore cache, reboot the phone, and let it recreate the database.

    The file is .cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db

  • @advocatux thanks a lot. I will try. After recreate a Music file with all permissions in the phone and copied a music file, nothing better. It should not be a sd card problem.

  • @advocatux
    And.... It works! Thanks so much advocatus, you saved my life 🤗
    So the problem wasn't the sd card, but the media database. And all the media scopes find the files now, great!
    Thanks again!

  • @Teigneux glad to help 👍

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