camera-app && selfi stick

  • End of August, while still using Canonical's last OTA, I brought up in the ubuntu-phone mailing-list this thread:

    My son bought in some anything-for-1-euro-shop a selfi stick, a really useless
    device, but anyway. It has a small cable with an earphone plug and a button
    supposed to fire up the cam to take the picture. Ofc it does not work with our
    BQ E4.5, ofcourse not. On plugin the BQ thinks an earphone is attached and
    offers sliders to adjust the volume. And ofcourse pressing the button has no
    visible effect and does not make the cam taking any picture.

    Now, with 16.04-OTA5 it still does not changed. There seems to be a technical solution, which was not implemented until now:

    Should I file an issue in ?

  • I think the proposed solution there, would not solve the issue for you. There are deeper issues than just handling key events in the camera app itself, as far as devices which connect via the headphone jack working in UT.

    Yes, I think you should open an issue, but given the breadth, I might suggest it'd be better to open the issue against ubuntu-touch repo instead of camera-app.

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