Rockwork/ Pebble issues

  • Hi,
    One of the issues that is holding me back from having my Ubports nexus 5 being my main driver is having my pebble watches working.

    I currently have my Nexus 5 (hammerhead) running the latest 16.04 (OTA5) with the Xenial version installed.
    The original pebble connects fine but I am unable to pause/stop music and dismiss notifications.

    With my Pebbletimes, The watch shows 2 to 3 times with 2 variations in the title shown, I have tried both but after the initial connect, connection is not shown within the app.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Hi @ashleycrue,
    I checked on GitHub and it seems there is a bug already filed for your same issue. Have a look at [xenial] Bluetooth daemon issue #766.
    As you can read, the dev is aware of the issue but didn't submit any fix up to now but hopefully in the future it will be fixed. If you want, you can confirm the bug in the same GitHub issue, or at least see if the bug originator, @tomoqv, can assist you in some ways.

  • @matteo Thanks, I checked the rockwork github for the issue and didn't find it listed. I have confirmed that I also have the issue with the added info about the pebble OG siuation.

  • The recent update to OTA 6 has done something that enabled me to have a decent connection to my pebble time watch. However, I am unable to dismiss notifications so it is getting there. I think I must be missing something in the set up.

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