Default App Home Icon In Other OS Design

  • 0_1540632979343_home_工作區域 1.jpg
    This is Unity8 App Home Icon In Other OS Design (maby you like this :P)

  • Good idea! :D
    I would prever to have a more neutral icon by default and make it possible to change it, for example with the UT tweak tool :)

  • OK thank you

  • I don't think it'll be easy to implement changing the icon in UT Tweak tool.
    The icon, probably, since it is just an image file which you can backup and replace.
    However, the color is hardcoded in the QML in Unity 8.

  • @kugiigi It shouldn't be hard to change the icon to come from the theme, instead of a local resource, and the color could also be specified in a config file or such. It'd be a bit of code, and moving the default icon to a theme, or falling back to the local one, but mostly tedium rather than anything.

  • @kugiigi If you add a QML custom color, you can also let the user select the color he wants.Isn't it
    But I'm on top of the design is the default icon when running Unity8

  • @dobey Yeah, I just meant it'll be hard to implement in UT Tweak Tool without doing official changes to Unity8.
    I don't think it'll be improved easily and I'm pretty sure you don't like this :P

  • Well, to be fair, people building unity8 for other distros can already easily patch the icon and color to be something else. So I'm not sure how much we should really bother with it, either. :)

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