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  • I see that there is a system image for Nexus 5 on system-image.ubports.com. Very cool! I flashed the image from stable, and see that it is 15.04 r2. Will you also be following the devel and devel-proposed channels? Or should I stick to the system-image.tasmnice.eu server for that?

    More importantly, Simon Fels made updates for Bluez 5.x for Canonical supported devices. The community would need to port those changes for the N5 (and the OPO). Who ported hammerhead 15.04 r2 onto ubports server? Would you be able to work with Simon Fels to put in the changes required for Bluez5.x support?

  • Or would you mind providing assistance so I can play with the kernel and compile and load it myself? I keep hanging and timing out when using rootstock and either tarring vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz or loading android. I haven't been able to build UBTouch from sources and flash it to my N5 manually.

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    Hi, I made rc and devel proposed available on the ubports server for hammerhead. I use the same device parts as tasemnice. the reason i made images available on ubports was due to the tasemince server was not up to date.

    I do not own a nexus5 so it's hard for me to develop/debug that images for that device, but i would love to assistance you if you want to. Do you have any logs where rootstock fails? (try remove any >/dev/null 2>&1 from the rootstock install source so it outputs more)

  • Would you mind if I posted a link on the Ubuntu Touch Nexus 5 Google Plus group?

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    That's fine, go ahead 😃

  • Thanks! I posted a little blurb on the Nexus 5 Ubuntu Touch G+ group. I also installed Stable, RC-Proposed and Devel-Proposed on my N5. Very slick! I used it as a mini-tablet for a bit, then installed Stable and swapped my SIM out of my daily driver Cyanogenmod phone to my N5. Will use the N5 as a daily driver for a bit.

    I would like to figure out the Bluez integration, but think I'll just use the N5 for a while before swapping the SIM card back out and using the N5 for development again.

  • Hi,
    I modified the multirom app such that it access the ubport server to download the Ubuntu touch via stable channel 2.
    But the problem is it gives the keyring check error.

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    @suraj311 The keying is placed in the recovery, so you need to recompile the recovery with the correct keyring
    Here you can see how that is done: https://github.com/ubports/Team-Win-Recovery-Project/commit/a0672e4255f20cfbe869606bac99924360320681

    or you can add empty file with the name "skip-gpg-verification" in recovery (/etc/system-image)

  • Hi, great work and thanks for adding rc-proposed and devel-proposed channels. I manage to get those images to install, but got stuck at ubuntu logo. No adb but can recive sms massage and that is interesting. Has anyone had similar problems with those channels?

  • I think the checksum is wrong in "ubuntu-touch/stable/hammerhead/index.json".
    The "shasum /pool/keyring-f812366ff5018823acd3918f65837f7ade9679431e6e5ca6627a4e48f8dd643b.tar.xz -a 256" is not "3cde8858c4feea1b4f4055ee86800d3c500a5cfc7fc26805bf2bc6613cff5e9c".

  • Hey all,
    As an avid Ubuntu user, I am really enthousiastic about the development and progresses of Ubuntu touch. I was seriously considering to buy one, but last week I have been given a Nexus 5. Of course I would like to install Utouch on it to test it out and I landed on this site. Could someone show me where I can find the install instructions of the images of this forum. I have no experience with flashing phones at all, but I am very eager to try it out and give feedback.


  • Try here

  • Hello,

    I did install it on a nexus 5 following this tutorial


    When it came to flash I used:

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed --device=hammerhead --bootstrap

    The Channel Stable have the r5 and the devel-proposed did not work on my phone.
    I see the rc channel the best for testing.

  • Hey,
    I managed to install Utouch (stable) on my Nexus 5 using a combination of the developers site to unlock the phone:


    ..and this site, for flashing the device


    So far it rocks, the only issues I have is that GPS localization doesn't work and Telegram keeps searching without results if I want to look for friends in my contacts. Also, in the gallery app miniatures of the photo's aren't displayed, but a 'music icon'. Battery life is also very limited.

    Anyway, I'm very impressed to see my favourite OS running on this phone!

  • Every new version brings a lot of new features and correct a lot of bugs. Try the rc-proposed channel is relatively stable.
    Can't wait to have the 9th version.
    Thank you again for the great job you're doing!

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