How to uninstall a Libertine package

  • In 16.04 OTA5, running on a BQ M10 FHD, please...

  • @juangrodeja system setting Libertine, tap on container, swipe right on app you need to remove tap red bin

  • @lakotaubp Thanks. That didn't work, probably because the package is half-installed —the installation longed about 24 hours, the latter ones without any log output, so I tried to restart. Now the previous log output is not visible anymore ( in the container's info page —"Operation details"). I cannot reinstall the package until I have removed it. By the way, the package is "chromium-browser"

  • @juangrodeja If you have nothing else vital in the container, delete the whole container by swiping right on it as above and start again. Also not sure that chromium browser works in libertine. But I may have misread that.
    One tip is to put the lock when idle option in battery settings to never when working with libertine.
    Oh nearly forgot in the terminal
    libertine-container-manager remove-package -p Package-Name

  • @lakotaubp Thanks again. The tip on the battery settings allowed me to have chromium installed on a different container. But it crashes after a bit without leaving any message. Nearly the same happened with Firefox, what did shock me. Arora runs successfully, but it is giving me problems with forms (when I start writing in the second field, it returns to the first one). And has problems with geogebra web applications.
    The tip on deleting packages through the command line failed (it says that chromium-browser is not installed).

  • @juangrodeja Libertine is very hit and miss. There are plenty of items on the forum about it. Have look around. If you can't delete the app or container via system setting, then probably best to access,your devices via a PC or laptop and use the terminal.commands way.

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