Google contacts Disappear

  • Hello, I just installed UBPorts (OTA-5) on a Nexus 5 and everything is going fairly smoothly except syncing contacts with Google. I've tried adding and removing my Google account several times and the behavior is always the same. Everything seems to go smoothly, the contacts appear for about 5 seconds, and then they disappear. Everything indicates that the contacts are linked and I can run the sync them on demand, but they just don't show up. Any help would be appreciated.


  • I'm still having the problem, but I searched in the forum and found a work around by exporting my contacts as a vcf file and then using the file manager to import them. So good enough for now but hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.

  • I guess thats a bug concerning tagging of the contacts, see the last comment here: So another workaround could be removing the tags for now... 😁 and maybe confirm my assumption. 🙂

  • That certainly sounds exactly like my issue, but I don't know what you mean tagged. Is that a google thing or a UT thing? I did notice that when I logged into my google account that all my contacts are duplicated, so the sync is working. I haven't merged them because I suspect my contacts will disappear off my phone if I do that.

    BTW, I've been using UT for a week now and I think I'll keep it for a while. I have some issues but no show stoppers.

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