• Hi everybody.

    I tried to contact some ubuntu touch app developpers to know if three vivid app non present as xenial app will be port and put on the Openstore.

    Presently one answer : Thank you for Johan Guerreros to say me quickly than he WILL TRY to port the very usefull app VULGRY in the next week. No date provided. I say that obviously, it is at his goodwill. Thank you again for him to try.

    For others developpers i have contacted, i will not give their name or the name of their app as they are free to answer me or not.

  • @domubpkm are you in the OpenStore group in telegram? It's easier to keep track of abandoned apps & the effort to contact the original developers in that group.

    Besides, a good bunch of "old" developers (v.g. Johan) are still in that group and they usually answer when someone ping them 🙂

  • Is always good to know developers want to come back 🙂
    Just a little side note: Vuldry works on Xenial already

  • @cibersheep Are you sure ? I tried recently vivid version of vulgry on UT 15.04 and i'm not sure it works well. I'm sure vivid Wallpapers works on 16.04 and maybe others app. Maybe vivid versions will not work later in news OTA. @advocatux said me it was better to have xenial version of vivid apps even if vivid apps work on xenial.

  • @advocatux No. Presently i don't use telegram. I do things and get info with the flow.. without telegram

  • @domubpkm Yes I am 🙂
    On m10 Xenial RC. You you install Xenial version for OTA5 (which should be based on Xeial)
    Check: System Settings > Updates

  • @domubpkm just FYI there's an OpenStore group in Matrix too ( but has less participation than its counterpart in Telegram for now.

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