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  • This thread is mend for discussions about Game Engines that support Ubuntu Touch, presented in the sister thread called:
    List of Game Engines supporting Ubuntu Touch

    If you have any questions concerning one of the engines, feel free to ask about them here.

  • Good initiative! Maybe include on each game engine how well they preform on Ubuntu Touch, things that are not working that good etc?

  • Good idea, will add this info for GDevelop.

  • @bhdouglass Thanks for your contributions. It would surely be nice to have the list in the official docs.
    Would you mind adding a step by step guide on how to get the engines to compile for the arm architecture? (especially important for SDL)
    I think compiling the game engines for ARM is the biggest road block for Indie game developers since most people nowadays use both higher level game engines and programming languages where the IDE hides the compilation process from them.
    There is usually very few (if any) documentation on how to compile an engine for ARM.
    I spend nearly a full weekend to get love2d compiled and running, inside a Libertine container.

    I think love would be a very good choice for Ubuntu Touch since the engine acts as an interpreter for game projects written in Lua. So with a pre-compiled love binary, all game developers would have to do is zip their project, rename it to something like "" and run love A clickable template for love2d with a pre-built love runtime and a .desktop file wouldn't involve any further compiling for the game developer.
    I got pretty far with this actually. The issue remaining is to statically link the dependencies in a way that their .so files can reside in the same directory as the love binary. Unfortunately I have 0 experience with C++ and Make files I'd be thankful for every helping hand I could get. The process on how to compile it for ARM is more or less documented in this thread.

    (Having an export template for the godot engine would be a dream of mine. :D)

  • Unfortunately I don't have a clue how to compile SDL for Ubuntu Touch, but I do agree that this is something that should be figured out. It probably makes sense to track down one of the developers that might have compiled it and ask them about it.

    Running love games on Ubuntu Touch and making a clickable template sounds awesome! If you can get the last parts of that figured out we can discuss how to best make this into a template that can be used with clickable.

  • SDL exists for Ubuntu Touch. Also, pygame and pygame-sdl (both only python2 unfortunately)
    However, you have to enlarge your system.img partition in order to have room for it (Atleast on Nexus 5) See:
    Then sudo remount / -o rw,remount && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-pygame etc
    I've been trying to create a click package with some pygame testing code, but not managed to get the dependency setting in clickable.json to install python-pygame-sdl2..

  • Hi,an qml learner here.
    It's a good chioce to use v-play to develop UT game app.It's a framework based on original Qt/qml and fits UT runtime environment well.

  • Has anyone tried V-Play? I'd be very curious to see the results. I poked around there site before but I didn't see anything about an armhf build.

  • It will be nice to try BennuGD.

  • @gouchi Looks like it's based on SDL, so in theory it should work if we get a working SDL port for xenial.

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