Turn Your Smartphone into a Laptop on Indigogo - Compatibility: Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu

  • Today I found this croudfunding project:
    Turn Your Smartphone Into a Laptop
    Compatibility: Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu
    It's not millions like Ubuntu Edge with 32 Millions. The goal is just 55,000 USD, they collected already 27,294 USD and still one month to go.
    Maybe something like this can be done for the UBports project. I am sure a lot of people like to be part of it and I am first 😉

  • I would be the second...

    ..But one can donate directly at UBports.com at device level or as monthly donation.
    But withe a crowd funding campaign there will be much more visibility without spending money but with the chance to earn money.
    And with this video from @popescu the campain will be attractive enough imo...

  • @Bastos
    hello to you at first.
    may i share/indroduce my perception of this topic.
    I think similiar. the supporting way /earning money. The solution with the "www_patreon_com_ubports" is nice.
    Even the solution with direct donation by paypal. But..this two solutions are build around paypal.
    Paypal is a way for younger People how work with paypal. On the other hand there are a lot people how had not nice events with paypal. For my opinion, if you want to earn money, you must
    give the people a lot/bunch of methodes. Every person is diffrent in age, education, localisation,.
    Every country has diffrent cultural / rights/laws. In one part of the world its no problem to pay with paypal, in others you are happy to have a little telephone-cell (low internet-bandwith).
    But this region of Earth (second/third-world) are the first how are able to understand and appreciate a free linux-Sofware OS on a mobile phone. This people has not enugh money for apples and googlePixels...I see it on the big number of tutorial and helpsites from debian-Ubuntu-users from locations like brasil, africa, southeast-asia,
    If the solution is to much based on new technologies, you become a paywall instead. If you want to earn money
    you must invite the donator in the easieast way to spend money. There are a lot of linux-user with interests in the ubuntuphone.-story. The most linux-user i know are very carefully with privacy-data. So mostly not very comfortable with the idea, to give there privacy account-login-data to paypal or so on. If there had an more data-protectet way to spend money without new bank-accounts, it would be easier. I would imagined that a lot of people lost there interest to spend money, if there must be register to a lot of websites. (register to paypal than register to patrones than spend money )
    There are people of all over the world are here. So i would found it a great think if a lot of people would say what they think about this. Simple question tho the crowd-intelligence out there 😉
    Wich donation-methode are you prefer and why ?

  • @WLBI
    the Motorola Atrix comes in my mind. There is a article about this on. just google
    phys_org + motorola-atrix-powerful-smart

  • What do you think about Bitcoins as payment method? This would be globally available, anonymous and cheap. Wikipedia is also accepting crypto currency donations
    But this is also for young digital natives mostly.
    Then as far as I know there is only credit card payment as international payment method available.

  • @Bastos I will also suggest Bitcoin, it's easy and cheap to send and easy to set up for UBPort.

  • Administrators

    @Donhammer @Bastos We are already accepting Bitcoin donations. You can currently find addresses for individual devices on https://devices.ubports.com/#/. This was placed this way because of the original purpose of UBports but might change soon. We are still working on a website redesign and will try to make Bitcoin donations a little easier and better documented.

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