Kodi remote control

  • In OTA 3 kodimote, a remotecontrol for kodi mediaservers worked pretty well (better than in android).
    With ota4 it stopped working, there is no update available.
    Is there a way to make it work again? Michael Zanetti made this software.

  • If you look on the openstore you can find a link to the source on Github. I took a quick look and it clearly would need rebuilding & package for 16.04.

    AFAICT Michael is no longer active on the project, so someone needs to take over. The beauty of free software is that is that anyone can do that.

    If you've the motivation (wanting to use it), rebuilding and repackaging an app really shouldn't[1] be hard. Nor should uploading to the store.

    There are too few "core devs" on the project to take over "orphaned" apps like this, so they depend on on the people that use them to keep them going.

    [1] It could be that the app needs additional changes, because of changes on the phone. But we won't know until someone tries building it for 16.04. If there are problems there, people will help.

  • I already did a build for 16.04, without any changes, but it has issues with apparmor.
    It's only working with 'template: "unconfined"', which is the reason I did not publish it to the openstore yet.

  • @luksus I am also really interested in getting Kodimote working again, it was such an excellent app. I'd be more than willing to test it for you, should you get it running.

  • I have just added the kodimote app to the openstore.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • @Luksus Thanks for this! It looks like the remote is still broken though. No icons are shown and actions aren't sent.

  • @randomuser I can't confirm this.
    Are you using version

  • @luksus I'm an idiot. Apparently it was the tutorial to show how to use the remote. I just had to follow the steps and everything's back to normal. Sorry for the noise and thanks for your work. This is an often used app for me!

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