UBports/UbuntuTouch ("Merch") Shop

  • Hey Guys,
    What about an UBports Shop for some products like Stickers, T-Shirts, Hoodies and/or Cups or even some more cool stuff?
    It would be an income for the Foundation, for investments in projects, server and developers, but it would also automatically spread Ubuntu Touch and UBports in the world, what could help us to get more Users and hopefully also more Developers or Contributors. The most people, don't know about the existence of Ubuntu Touch or the current status, so a few more people wearing UBports Hoodies in public or on congresses would not be bad. (Later the shop could be theoretically also used to sell a bunch of devices with Ubuntu Touch preinstalled.)

  • @davidcolombo I've moved this to Marketing Incubator.

    Just in case you don't know it, you can get stickers, t-shirts, and hoodies as a patron (https://www.patreon.com/ubports) 🙂

  • Okay^^

    And yep I know that ubports is on patreon,
    But many people don't want to pay constantly and just want to pay once to get for example a T-Shirt.
    And all these people we could get if we would have a shop for all the stuff.

  • We can for tax reasons not sell stuff on our own private entities. We will have this as soon as we are a foundation though.

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