Trying to understand how developers are performing their work

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  • Hello Everyone,

    While I may appear to be new, I have longed for UT for several years. I just purchased an N5 in excellent virtually unused condition. However, I have concerns. I read here the battery has life has improved in xenial. However, my real need is to understand how developers are performing their work. By this, I suspect a debugger is involved. What are the tools involved in this game?

    From my perspective, the N5 is certainly suitable to get me in the development game. Older hardware does not bother me. I currently have a 2013 LG Optimus G Pro in perfect condition, I do not tread on my phones, that I would love to begin porting with Halium. However, it makes much more sense for these idealogical goals, or myths to be discussed in the framework of hardware, system architecture, etc., rather than, "I would like to know if my device can be ported."

    What can you tell me? I am here to learn and to have fun!

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