Ubuntu Touch Audiocast (UTA) Episode 40 - Discussion

  • Thank you ❤

    • for Fluffy Chat and as well for the Flashcard app, it is really useful (danke an deiner Freundin, Krille!) and luckily I (still) do not have Stop Wasting Time installed, else you would have been my "wasted" time 🙂

    • for the really interesting audiocasts, that I recently discovered, I love them! I really appreciate listening to them because I always learn new things about UT!

    It is really interesting when you interview the community, and particularly app developers, so then you know who is behind the code line! Who would have done the link between heavy metal and fluffy chat? (and now everyone knows that even if cats have something to do with the app, there is no French behind it :))
    Keep going out there and in here !!!

  • @alexisme Thanks for the kind comments, and thanks for listening as always.

    We enjoy learning about the community members with you!

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