Telegram Notifications

  • I bought 2 Fairphone 2 for me and my husband. Both flashed to Ubuntu. All works fine. Both now have telegram installed. My husbands telegram gets notifications but mine not.
    I adjust Notifications in the telephone itsself, in every chat and in telegram. I have a working Ubuntu One Account. The Mailadress is written correctly in all login-forms. I put the same password as my husband so there is no difference.
    But i get no notifications. I set the field for notifications in telegram. Then switch to the chat. Then switch to the adjustments in telegram and the check mark is gone. Telegram switches to "no notifications"!!! I have no idea where the problem is. There is all the same adjusted for my husband, but for him it works and for me not... anyone an idea? Or can it be a bug? (Which appears randomly at same devices???)

    OT: I hope you can understand my english?

  • @fish Firstly I would use UT Tweak Tool to remove telegram. Firstly remove cache, data etc then delete telegram. After that reinstall Telegram from the Openstore and try again.

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