How to upgrade OOTB Meizo 5 Pro Ubuntu Edition to ubports?

  • I cannot find instructions anywhere on how to upgrade an out of the box Meizo 5 Pro Ubuntu Edition to ubports. I find a lot of info on how to do this for an Meizo 5 Pro running Android but that is not applicable.
    When using the ubports-installer, nothing really happens after my device is recognized and I press 'Switch to UBports. I see the phone switching into a different screen but the ubports-installer is reporting "Adb push error: device not found"

    Anyone can help me out here.

    B.t.w. is there somewhere documentation on the Meizo 5 Pro Ubuntu Edition online available?


  • When the installer is waiting for the phone to show up, press volum up (or down - I don't remember which one) and power button together to put phone in the mode reconizable by the installer - somehow for me the installer was never able to do that automatically...

  • I tried both options:

    • Power + volume up gives me a new screen with purple background and (I guess) Ubuntu logo.
      But nothing happens in the ubports-installer.
    • Power + volume down give me the Meizo powered by Ubuntu screen with underneath the message
      PSN: xxxxxx
      => Fastboot mode (unlocked, unrooted).
      Again, nothing happens then in the ubports-installer.

  • @ridmaur Reflash Ubuntu recovery in fastboot mode. link text

    in terminal: sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery-turbo.img

  • @ridmaur Also keep this in mind even on UT pro 5 I don't think it's just android ones that are affected by cache partion size.Those that do know may well not show up for a bit over the holiday period.

  • @Stefano @Lakotaubp Newbie here and aware of the holiday period so I do not expect elaborate answers. But I see mention of twrp; can anyone explain what that is?
    Also, @Stefano your command "sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery-turbo.img" I can just issue from Ubuntu terminal on desktop computer and it will automatically find the phone (when connected) and reflash my device?

  • @ridmaur That command is fir reflashing the recovery on Pro 5 when adb can't find the phone. After flashing it, reboot to recovery and adb should see your phone. Then you can try to flash with Ubports installer or if you have PC with 16.04 Ubuntu, you can use ubuntu-device-flash command. Search the forum for answers.

  • @ridmaur No problem. You will also get answers here our Telegram install group

  • @ridmaur TWRP is a recovery for Android and you can restore a backup with it. (Ubuntu Touch, Android backup) It is used if there is trouble with installing UT on Pro 5. Twrp is a aftermarket recovery for most Android phones.

  • Thanks for all the tips. Managed to upgrade the device to 16.04/stable.

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