UBports Community Q&A: Saturday, April 29, 2017

  • This is an official announcement of the next UBports community Q&A on April 29th, 2017 at 1800 UTC. You can find a countdown to this time here.

    Please feel free to post your questions in this thread and we will answer them, live!

  • I take advantage of your kindness and ask:

    1. Earlier this week Canonical confirmed imminent closure of AppStore. Are you planning an alternative? will it be .click based ? is there any action you recommend to users of the official Ubuntu Store?
    2. Would you be able to take in charge previously reported bugs or are you setting up a new bug reporting system? are you taking suggestion for priorities (let say through a bounty system)?
    3. Are you planning to host UT documentation in your wiki?
      Thank you in advance.
      keep up with the hard work
      Mr H

  • Hi everyone!

    1. Further images for the commercial devices will stick with HERE AGPS or, eventually, jump into MLS?
    2. It frequently happens that people would want to implement applications but then give up again because their ideas can't be realized because of the current very limited implementation of the app lifecycle management. If one is listening around in the community, the sentence "I wanted to create that, but can't because of lifecycle" is part of the daily routine by now. Because they have to bother to keep the display on to load a website...send a picture over telegram while browsing the web... and so on. Will Ubports address this issue?

    Thank you in advance! Keep your excellent work!

  • Helllo,

    (This is more like place holder question.. but in general I would love if you guys discuss about halium project and also modify the place holder question below.)

    Q. Can you tell us bit more about involvement of UBports in project halium? How would that help UBports?

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    Thanks for your questions, everyone! In case you missed it, here's the Q&A: https://blog.ubports.com/2017/04/29/community-qa.html

  • hi,
    i missed the Q&A. Thought that you will talk about what happened in the beginning of the week within the team. Hope that it is fine now and everyone feel at the right place. cheers

  • @lduboeuf We completely forgot about that, to be honest. We realized right after we went offline. If you have any specific questions, we can probably answer them. Otherwise, we said it pretty well in our blog post.

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