Page switch animation

  • If you are using the app Dekko2 or the app "Stop Wasting Time" you will see that this apps have an animation when you switch the "page". The old page is going away to the left and the new is flying in from the right. On the other apps there is no animation and thats a shame. It looks very... hard and confusing. We should add this animation to the Ubuntu Components by default. Implementing workaround for apps like with Dekko2 shouldnt become the normal. Are there any plans for this yet?

  • Sadly the UITK hasn't been maintained for...I think years? and there's no current plan to maintain it.
    But I agree, Dekko does have many good things that should be implemented in UITK.

    Anyway, QQC2 has that page transition animation so apps that use it has it.

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