How to calibrate screen?

  • Unfortunately I broke my BQ E5 screen. I ordered a new one and replaced the broken screen.
    It doesn't work as it should. It cannot detect properly where I touch it, not even close.
    With a lot of patience and time I could enter the system settings menu, but there is no calibration.
    I hard reseted it and wipe out all data, but at the first start still no calibration, only general things like time zone, wifi etc :/

  • will BQ support help you with this, my guess is that this is in the android side of things .
    can you use flash-tool to go back to android , see if you can sort the touch screen, ""or it may automatically fix it "" then restore UB.

  • I cannot go back to android, bacause it never had. Its an original ubuntu edition phone :)

  • How about reflashing the original ,it came with, as behind Ubuntu is Android which controls the screen - if I am wrong ,I am sure someone will correct me.
    Trying to give you some ideas, as it is holiday time ,and the usual experienced guys ,may not be available.

    Have you searched BQ forums ?

  • How to reflash the original? I used ubports-installer to install the latest sable ubuntu touch.

    No one cares about ubuntu phone, android everywhere and of course new phones -.-'

  • @sbsky33 if there's an issue with the hardware, you'll need to fix it before doing anything else.

    You can check which screen zones are responsive (or not) installing for example Finger Painting, and maybe you can play with edge sensitivity settings in UT Tweak tools to try to fix some misbehaviours.

  • It doesnt even know where is the top or the bottom side of the screen. Maybe its hardware problem?
    You know it has only 2 connection to the motherboard so it has connected well :)
    If there is no possible software, setting, anything to solve the problem, then definitely the screen is a scrap.

  • Have you got the right screen. There are different types available.

  • Also, could it be that the screen was placed upside down? Or the two connectors were connected the wrong way around?

  • @nikfrager Yup. Its the same, even the numbers on the cables.

  • @arubislander Impossible :)

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