Design issue? When talking on phone, my ear switches on the flight mode. Do you have the same issue?

  • I would like to report a small design problem in the UBPorts UI, which is simple, but can be quite annoying:
    It happens to me quite frequently, that - while talking to someone on phone - my ear switches on the flight mode in UBPorts. Of course, the connection immediately terminates and it takes some time until I can call the other person again (after disabling the flight mode again).
    Apparently my ear "navigates" through the top menu bar of my smartphone while talking on phone and somehow activates the flight mode. Does anyone else also experience this issue?

    I have had the issue already with my BQ 4.5 and also experience it with my OPO. It also not a new issue, but it occurred already in the old Ubuntu Touch.

  • Sounds like perhaps a bug relating to proximity sensor, and the touch digitizer not being disabled?

  • Going to move this to the Support section thats a better fit and @dobey answer confirms it.

  • @dobey Thanks for your reply. How can I test it whether there is a bug related to the proximity sensor or touch digitizer?

    Intuitively, the touch digitizer does not seem to be disabled.

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