Calibrate battery

  • Hi,
    is there an option for calibrate the battery? My E4.5 lasts around 14 days when it was new. Actually it decreased to 7-10 days (what could be normal after several years of using the device). But sometimes I have the problem, that system-settings says after 4-5 days of use that the battery is around 40% and 10 minutes later the phone is off or it says that are only 5% left.
    I don't think that the battery is broken, because then it should happen on every charge/discharge. But it only happens one or two times a month.
    Because of this issue it's like a gamble to take the phone with you when system-settings says there are 40-50% left...

    Here are two screen shots on which you see the behavior.


    On this screen shot you can see that the battery is at 100% but the diagram is still at 0%.


  • Hi.
    In my own experience, the only way that i know who can help is :

    FULLY charge the battery until getting 100 % WHITE battery indicator (not green) and FULLY discharge the battery (by using the phone) until the phone stop. It is better to do the procedure two times consecutively, and to repeat the entire procedure every 5 or 6 weeks.

    But of course, the durabily of the battery charge depends of the state of the current battery wear.

  • I've done the following steps and it seems to work for me:

    • Charge the phone to 100% until there no charge indicator left
    • Boot the phone to bootmenu (where you can select recovery, fastboot, etc.)
    • Leave the phone in this bootmenu until the battery is empty (in my case this took 8-9 hours)
    • Charge the phone until there is no charge indicator left

    After these steps my E4.5 lasts almost as long as it was new and the percentage shown in the power-management shows the correct values again.
    I hope this is a long-term solution.

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