No more WLAN after OTA-6/7 update on OPO

  • Hi there,

    since the last OTA-6 update I have no more WLAN on my OPO. The switch to turn it off/on in Settings->Wifi isn't there, either.

    Looking at dmesg/syslog, I see lots of
    [ 616.320112] wlan: loading driver v3.8.20.24
    [ 616.341167] wlan: [903:F :HDD] hdd_parse_config_ini: request_firmware failed -2
    [ 616.353362] wlan: [903:F :HDD] hdd_wlan_startup: error parsing wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    [ 616.353518] wlan: [903:F :HDD] hdd_driver_init: WLAN Driver Initialization failed
    [ 616.368188] wlan: driver load failure

    For testing, I forced the update to OTA-7, but the problem still persists.

    Looking around the FS, the parsing error gets clear:

    root@ubuntu-phablet:~# find / -name WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini 2>/dev/null
    root@ubuntu-phablet:~# ls -l /android/system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_ cfg.ini
    lrw-r--r--. 1 root root 27 Dec 31 22:51 /android/system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini -> /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    root@ubuntu-phablet:~# ls -l /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    ls: cannot access '/persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini': No such file or directory

    Any hints?

    cheers+thanks in advance,

  • @rbarclay Can you try resetting the the launcher. System Settings, Reset, Reset Launcher. That fixed a no wifi tab issue.

  • Infrastructure

    Yes its clear what happens here: We symlinked the ini file to the /persist directory which should be made out of the persist partition.

    In /persist the device stores the MAC address for example, this was to fight against the "All OPO have the same MAC addy" bug.

    So it seems a few devices do not have or mount the persist partition. Can you please boot to recovery and see if you can mount that thingie?


  • @lakotaubp That didn't fix the issue (reset, no change, rebooted, still no change).

  • @flohack /persist is mounted (well, it's a symlinl to /android/persist, which is mounted):

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ mount | grep persist
    /dev/mmcblk0p15 on /android/persist type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,nomblk_io_submit,nodelalloc,errors=panic,data=ordered)
    /dev/mmcblk0p15 on /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/persist type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,nomblk_io_submit,nodelalloc,errors=panic,data=ordered)
    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls -l / | grep persist
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 Jan 28 1970 persist -> /android/persist

    Also, there's various stuff in /persist:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ sudo ls -la /persist/
    total 52
    drwxrwx--x. 8 system system 4096 May 8 1970 .
    drwxrwxrwt 9 root root 180 May 2 1970 ..
    drwxrwx---. 2 1002 bluetooth 4096 May 8 1970 bluetooth
    -rw-------. 1 1002 bluetooth 9 Aug 25 1970 .bt_nv.bin
    drwx------. 5 system system 4096 Dec 31 2013 data
    drwx------. 2 root root 4096 Jan 1 1970 lost+found
    drwxrwx---. 2 system system 4096 May 8 1970 properties
    drwxrwxr-x. 2 system root 4096 May 8 1970 sensors
    -rwx------. 1 root root 15360 May 31 2016 sns.reg
    drwxr-xr-x. 6 root root 4096 May 27 2015 usf

    Just not that "magic" WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini.

  • Infrastructure

    @rbarclay Ok while its a good thing that the partition is there, its obvious very bad to not have the WiFi config file.

    Meanwhile I think that Oneplus made several versions of the Oneplus One which are inherently different to some degree. Also some of them report as "bacon" while others report as "A0001" => so what can we do? Basically you can try to have a look if you find that ini file somewhere else in your /system folders - and then try to copy it to the persist partition. Lets see what that will give us.

  • @flohack Mine self-identifies as "bacon", FWIW.

    There's only 4 occurrences of that file on the whole filesystem, and all of them are symlinks to /persist:

    root@ubuntu-phablet:~# find / -name WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini 2>/dev/null | xargs ls -l
    lrw-r--r--. 1 root root 27 Dec 31 22:51 /android/system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini -> /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    lrw-r--r--. 1 root root 27 Dec 31 22:51 /android/system/etc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini -> /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    lrw-r--r--. 1 root root 27 Dec 31 22:51 /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini -> /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    lrw-r--r--. 1 root root 27 Dec 31 22:51 /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/system/etc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini -> /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini

    Anyway, I've now grabbed a random instance (first Google hit) of that file from github, dropped it in /persist and now have WLAN again. Only problem now is that it won't remember WPA2 passphrases over reboots, but I can live with that.

    Thanks for the help, @Flohack !

  • Infrastructure

    @rbarclay I can send you a legit one, just that you scramble a few bytes of the MAC addy then please ;) - maybe then it remembers again

  • @flohack Yes, please ;)

  • @Flohack @rbarclay : So far I haven't received the update to OTA-7 for my OPO yet, hopefully it will come today. Do you advise to update the OPO to OTA-7 or shall I wait until this bug is resolved?

  • @gt This probably happened with an update on Dec. 28th (it says "Ubuntu touch Version 3" in System Settings -> Updates) for me. OTA-7 didn't fix the issue, but it also didn't cause it.

  • Infrastructure

    @gt We introduced this already with OTA-6 ... so you can update probably...

  • @flohack Thanks for your message. I updated my OPO to OTA7 and there was no problem with WLAN.

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