Changing Default Apps

  • I can't believe that after more than an hour of search requests I cannot find a solution to the simple problem: I installed pdfjs, and now I have to chose in filemanager what app to use to view a pdf. (And I don't see all apps there just pdfjs and Open Store,)

    Simple question: How can I make it open the pdf by pdfjs by clicking on it? Or more generic: How do I change default apps?

  • @bodow hi, PdfjsViewer is broken currently. The best app to open PDFs is Document Viewer ( It'll add itself to the Content Hub.

  • As file types and URLs are not handled the same way under unity8 as in traditional linux environments on PCs, there is no concept of "default app" so much. Files are opened from the file manager app via content-hub, which always presents the list of apps which can handle the file type.

    To have an "always open in" feature, someone would need to design and implement it, and all the associated UI for managing it in settings. That has not been done, and is not currently a priority to do, and I think there is also no issue reported for the lack of it yet either.

  • Thanks for the information / advice.

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