OSK stopped working, crashed, weird behaviour...

  • Does someone experience OSK -on screen keyboard stopped working? Well, the OSK is shown, but upon touching on the letters nothing is registered, seems it deletes all that is typed, or in other instance the OSK hide down the screen and refuse to be brought up in Browser. In UT tweak tool as I typed password, it was not recognized. This is not a new bug, been here for a while, so not related to Morph( I think).
    Nothing helps, only reboot. Anyone with similar issue?

    Ota-7, Meizu Pro 5

  • @stefano similar behavior to this https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/915 but it doesn't register the input at all

  • @stefano I don't see such a behavior on my Pro5, I'm not on the stable channel but on devel one. I didn't understood if it does happen always to you or just in some reproducible circumstances?

  • TBH I am often experiencing weird OSK behaviour with Telegram Plus (TELEports). From time to time I start typing a sentence and when I am on it, having its part written already, the keyboard just hides and I can only summon it again by either waiting a bit for it to appear again (if this works it can take quite a while, even like 30 to 60 seconds) or I can close the Telegram app and restart it again to finally be able to type - for a while :).

    And now I've just found out I already reported this thing I am explaining above: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/695 so in case you are experiencing that too (no matter the app) please add your comment to that report so that it can be confirmed :).

  • @matteo I was using online text editor in this instance, but usually it's happening in Browser, while typing to some blog or leaving a comment on website, even when filling in a bug on Github. It only happened handfull of times, but it's annoying when you tyowd a long reply or a comment or whatever and suddenly the text you typed strarts to disappear and OSK just hide. By every next touch, instead of typing something, it starts to delete the text and you loose all that you typed. Happened to me handfull times and I had to write all over again.

  • @stefano yes it is definitely annoying. I'll keep an eye on it and this thread in case I see something similar to your bug and I will report to you. Honestly, I'm not using the Pro5 that hard to be a 100% sure my device isn't affected.

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