can't install pyserial

  • hello, everybody! I am trying to install the pyserial package to my phone Nexus 5 via downloaded tar.gz archive, but the installation fails. can you please check the commands and suggest whats wrong? thanks in advance!

    1. tar -xzf pyserial-3.4.tar.gz -> OK
    2. cd /pyserial-3.4
    3. sudo python3.5 install -> ends with «error: could not create '/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/serial': Read-only file system»
      I tried changing the permission for this folder with «sudo chmod -R g+w /usr...dist-packages/» but that was also not successful. I woder do I have rights to access there at all?
      Please help me, I want to install new packages and acces other devices over serial. Thanks in adance!

  • @gascls65 the root filesystem is mounted read only. You can mount it writable with sudo mount -o remount,rw /. But be aware your changes may be gone after updating the os/installing an ota update. You may prefer installing the python package into your home.

  • @hummlbach thanks for the suggestion.
    Installing in home is not a bad idea, but sonce im not an expert, do u know how to install in home ensuring that the serial will still be importable?

  • Not entirely sure, but I don't think it looks in your home by default. So you may have to set the environment variable PYTHONPATH to ~/lib/python3.5/ for example in .profile and (try to) install pyserial into it by executing install --user for example. (maybe you need to create the directories before manually by mkdir -p ~/lib/python3.5 - not sure.)

  • @hummlbach I took the suggestion with file system remount, worked very fine and now I am able to do what I wanted when I bought Nexus 5 and installed UbuntuTouch - connect my phone with anything including via serial port !!!
    Thank you very much, I already love everything here! 😃

  • You could install such things in a libertine container instead.

    However, there are no USB serial adapter drivers built into the kernels on the images, so I guess you might not get very far with pyserial yet. 🙂

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