Nexus 5 will not power on.

  • Hello,

    Hope this is the right place to ask. I'm having power issues with Nexus 5.

    The problem started this morning, got up unplugged my phone hit the the power button, nothing happened. Figured the plug must of not been in would just charge at work. Funny thing when I get to work I hit the power button again phone is on with 99%. It stopped working some time before noon, as I checked my phone to see the time and would not turn on again. Was using it on an off up till then.

    The phone is brand new model D821, had it just over a month. Have been using it as my main phone and up until now I was getting 12-13 hours out of a charge. I don't think it is a bad power button. As nothing comes on lights/screen when plugged in to charge. This has me thinking something happen to the battery? just not sure that is the case or not.

    Has anyone else experience any thing similar with their Nexus 5? and could give me tips to fix the problem.

    Thank you.

  • @sirbilly First thing i would have thought was a dodgey power button. I have one exactly the same. If yours is brand new do you still have it under a guarantee or such. If yes do that first as the main work round involves hitting or tapping the power button to switch the device on.
    The gentlest version is to rest your nail on the power down end and keep flicking the button in and out until it fully switches on.

  • @lakotaubp Thank you for tips, I finally got it to come back on. After trying a bunch of things, what ended up working was plugging it in to my computer at work, I left it plugged in for a few hours, hit the power button and it showed the battery icon, almost fell out of my chair, held the button and it fired right up. Not sure why, but it's on and working again so I'm happy.

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