Nexus 5 - Screen is now upside down

  • I know it was trying to install update 30 so perhaps that's gone through.

    My screen is now upside down however the touch receptors still work as if the screen is the right way up (so some guess work in actually logging into the phone is needed).

    I don't suppose this is related to the update? Looks like I'll have to re-flash as of right now

    Edit: Also it looks like the screen has mirrored (even the text looks gibberish now as it's back to front)

  • I rebooted a few times and it remained upside down and mirrored (even with ubports booting screen)..

    I just managed to logon to it and then it's righted itself. Very bizarre.

  • What is "update 30"? Can you tell us the version you see in System Settings > About > OS ? That's the correct one to report if you need to file a bug report btw 😉

    I have a Nexus 5, running Ubuntu 16.04 (2019-W07) now, but I've never seen such weird screen behaviour ever.

  • The screen shortly died (with lines going down it) which I googled and looks like the video cable is shot.


    Just ordered a oneplus one though

  • @FishFingers44 maybe that cable can be easily fixed? Is it broken or a bad connection?

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