Upgrade Nexus 4 from UT 15.04 OTA 14 to latest 16.04

  • Hi,

    I have a Nexus 4 that I flashed in 2016 to UT 15.04 OTA 14.
    When Canonical dropped the project I put the phone away in a drawer.
    Now that thanks to UBports the project is picking speed again, I'd like to update to latest version.

    Unfortunately, the "update" buttons in my 15.04 versions says I have the latest version. Impossible to upgrade.
    From what I've read, the UBports installer works to install UT from an Android phone, not from a previous UT release, and might render my phone useless.

    Anyone knows how I can safely upgrade this phone?


  • I may add that running "system-image-cli -vvvv" on the command line returns several FileNotFound python Exception, about the following file:


    Any idea if this is related (I guess so) and how I can solve this issue?

    Much appreciated.

  • @vmotion hi, the recommended way to upgrade your UT phone is using the UBports installer. That's the safe way 🙂

    As you said, Canonical dropped the ball so that Ubuntu system-image you linked won't work. UBports one is at http://system-image.ubports.com/

  • Hi,

    Will it work? Doesn't UBports installer require an Android OS (on the phone)?

  • @vmotion no, the installer works great on a UT phone 🙂

    Edit: of course you can adb to your phone (remember: developer mode on) or open the Terminal in your phone, and run sudo system-image-cli -vvvv --switch 16.04/stable too.

  • It looks like your phone is still pointing at the Canonical system-image server. You will not be able to upgrade or switch channels until you use the UBports Installer to move to a build of Ubuntu Touch from UBports.

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