WiFi password loss after each and every reboot on MEIZU Pro 5

  • I might have a fix for my nexus 7. Not sure whether this applies to other devices. And I'm, not sure whether this is save in all cases to do. Proceed with caution

    strace /system/bin/conn_init shows that it looks for this file open("/persist/wifi/.macaddr", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory), but indeed, I don't have this

    root@ubuntu-phablet:~# find /persist/

    After I created them,

    mkdir /persist/wifi 
    echo 001122deadbf > /persist/wifi/.macaddr

    that mac address remains and wifi is reconnected ok after reboot.

  • For a Meizu Pro5 the WiFi MAC address should start by 68:3e:34, this is the vendor id of MEIZU Technology Co., Ltd. the 00:11:22 vendor id is from CIMSYS Inc.

  • @AlainW94 oh, right. You can of course use a different number! You probably should. I just made one up. The "fix" is just that it remains the same after reboot

  • @matteo ok, thought it might help,as it is annoying reentering, as there is no option to reconnect.
    all your "symptons", are the same as on my m10 fhd.
    except the "nvram 0x10 error " .
    did you try the "skyneel" fix tho.

  • @AlainW94 "cat /var/log/syslog | grep wl0" gives no output at all.

  • @ubuntoutou Strange I have two Pro5 and both have this entry, can you please post your syslog ? Is your Wifi activated ?

  • I'm glad to come in here now with my experience. Which is exactly the same as described by @ubuntoutou and @matteo ; and specifically I have a MEizu Pro 5 TD-LTE edition. Albeit, as it is my stable daily driver device, I do not choose to flash it to the devel channel and install Anbox in the hope of getting a fringe benefit that it might somehow fix this issue. I have raised this before on the Telegram supergroup, but unfortunately to little avail. I suggested that the donors could crowdfund the developers to obtain all Pro 5 variants, including the TD-LTE version which has perennial availability on eBay, to triage problems which are observed on device flashes apart from the vanilla 32GB bespoke 32GB version. @dobey said to me in response (partially with regard to hotspot problems on the device, but also to this issue): "and let's say some dev agreed to help with the purchase of said device. what happens if they can't reproduce the same issue?. Well, this concern seems nullified given the confirmations of the problem by other users in this topic and elsewhere. Now if he/the other developers want other users to back up the hotspot problems to further justify the purchase of this specific device, well I'm sure those hotspot problems have been cited by other users in this forum, on the supergroup and certainly on issue reporting pages e.g. Github. But I would be happy to help move that forward by summarising the history of those bugs and clarifying confusion/issue drift where ever possible. So most certainly it seems that the next step is to create a funding tier to permit the 64 GB variants of the hardware to be purchased by the devs, and so that they can then look into these problems and hopefully triage them.

  • @AlainW94 I tried again and I got the following output for syslog:

    cat /var/log/syslog | grep wl0
    Mar  7 14:44:23 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    8.877130]  [6: NetworkManager: 3204] [c6] Firmware version = wl0: Nov 24 2015 11:23:00 version 7.45.71.r5 (r587357) FWID 01-ec3fd0c

  • @ubuntoutou ok, then it seem that we have the same firmware version on the two models, there is another issue. did you find a specific error related to the wifi in the syslog or in dmesg ?

  • @AlainW94 Here are some errors found in /var/log/syslog:

    cat /var/log/syslog | grep -i error
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    0.591701]  [6:      swapper/0:    1] [c6] exynos-fimc-is-sensor: probe of 14110000.fimc_is_sensor failed with error -22
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.532791]  [5:  kworker/u16:0:    6] [c5] [SensorHub]:MSG:AKM:408,error: 0x02030000
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    2.003203]  [5:      swapper/0:    1] [c5] espresso_wifi_get_mac_addr:create file /data/calibration/mac_addr error(-2)
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    2.003949]  [5:wl_event_handle: 1637] [c5] CFG80211-ERROR) wl_event_handler : tsk Enter, tsk = 0xffffffc0f35819e0
    Mar  7 14:44:24 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    9.196647]  [1: wpa_supplicant: 2415] [c1] CFGP2P-ERROR) wl_cfgp2p_add_p2p_disc_if : P2P interface registered
    Mar  7 14:44:53 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [   38.413935]  [2: wpa_supplicant: 2415] [c2] CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_sched_scan_start : Invalid sched scan req!! n_ssids:0 

    and in dmesg:

    dmesg | grep -i error
    [  482.469508] [c3] CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_sched_scan_start : Invalid sched scan req!! n_ssids:0 

  • @ubuntoutou said in WiFi password loss after each and every reboot on MEIZU Pro 5:

    Mar 7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 2.003203] [5: swapper/0: 1] [c5] espresso_wifi_get_mac_addr:create file /data/calibration/mac_addr error(-2)

    We have to investigate this line

  • @ubuntoutou do you have this file : /data/calibration/mac_addr ?

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ sudo ls /data/calibration/

    On my phone this file contain the mac address of my WiFi adapter.

    ls -l give :

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 18 Feb 11 13:31 /data/calibration/mac_addr

    Try also this to check if there is a mac address inside :

    sudo cat /data/calibration/mac_addr

    Can you also make a search for that "@@@@ MAC" in your syslog ? on my phone it return WiFi MAC

  • @AlainW94 Yes I do have a /data/calibration/mac_addr file. It contains the same MAC address as the one displayed on Settings -> About.

    Regarding the syslog file, here is the output for a search of @@@@:

    cat /var/log/syslog | grep @@@@
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.213373]  [7:  kworker/u16:0:    6] [c7] @@@@ SN rsa with sha1 verify failed!!!!
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.213640]  [7:  kworker/u16:0:    6] [c7] @@@@ MAC verify failed!!!!
    Mar  7 14:44:30 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.213899]  [7:  kworker/u16:0:    6] [c7] @@@@ MAC verify failed!!!!

  • @ubuntoutou Ok, we progress... normaly SN should display the serial number of the phone (the one you get with adb devices. And the two line should display your WiFi mac addresses.

    on my phone it give :

    Mar  6 19:02:40 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.246534]  [5:  kworker/u16:1:   59] [c5] @@@@ SN 860BCMSxxxxx
    Mar  6 19:02:40 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.246746]  [5:  kworker/u16:1:   59] [c5] @@@@ MAC 68:3E:34:xx:yy:58
    Mar  6 19:02:40 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.246957]  [5:  kworker/u16:1:   59] [c5] @@@@ MAC 68:3E:34:xx:yy:59

    We have now to find what part of the kernel is giving thoses informations, if anybody had an idea ... you are welcome

  • I have the Nvram error on my m10fhd,and fix it by flashing TWRP,and flashing the “skyneel” fix.
    I reflashed UB,to catch up after a few weeks on android.
    I am having trouble getting a working TWRP,( stuck at the first screen).
    So that I can flash the fix,to avoid reentering the wifi password
    Curious if something changed, or its my equip
    Anyone know if there is a way to go into Nvram ,change the wifi and wifi custom folders and. Change the permissions while in UB.
    Sorry for digging up an old post, but you guys looked determined to find a cure

    I tried twrp via fastboot and flash-tool, and 3 different versions,and fresh downloads.

  • @Marathon2422 I have no experience with M10fhd but as far as I know, it is not possible to edit the nvram partition while the OS is running. on the Meizu, the nvram is encryted, only the CPU has the certificate inside his memory to access this nvram. did you try one of this TWRP version : https://dl.twrp.me/freezerfhd/ ?

  • @AlainW94
    I used twrp 321 mostly, tried twrp 323, (not surprised it didn't work newer version).
    Twrp 321 worked one time,but the open store was blank no apps and the browser was the same.
    So wiped and started again, tried twrp 3.0.0, still no luck.
    I use the Devel version. it did a reboot while charging,so no wifi as expected, but I tried to connect, and lo and behold it did connect after 15 seconds or so,,, but it would not do it again.
    I will have a clean up andhave another go soon
    ( I am not a dev, just lots of fiddling).
    I have meizu pro 5 also, 32g

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Marathon2422 hi. you don't need twrp to apply the fix. You can do everything from the terminal with these three commands: sudo -i, mv, chmod 755. ( need to have the write permission with ut tweek tool)
    Maybe there is a way using adb ..but i don't know how.

  • @ubuntoutou I loose the WiFi password after reboot of Nexus 5 but if I just cancel the enter password screen then 'pull' the screen down, exposing networks, and click on my normal house WiFi, it connects. It hasn't forgotten the password at all. However, I suspect that the problems reported here are far more complex.

    On my BQ M10 HD, I can no longer connect through WiFi as it no longer gets an ip address for some reason. It 'sees' the WiFi OK and says it is connected, but the icon (top right of screen) turns completely white after about three minutes - no bars. It had worked well for months but now I suspect something is corrupt on the WiFi side. Is there anything I can reset somehow? I've tried rebooting, turning WiFi off and on and have tried connecting to another WiFi network, but with the same problem - no network access despite appearing to be connected.

    Having overcome so many installation problems with UB Ports on the M10 HD, this very nice tablet was growing on me. Despite a few restrictions, it was doing almost everything that I wanted out of a tablet, ie web, emails, notes, nextcloud access, videos (restricted to a few codecs), podcasts, document viewer, ebook reader and no google! ☺

    (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - armhf (20190220) OTA8)

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