Will uApp Explorer survive the cannonical UT shutdown?

  • The appstore uApp Explorer is really very good. In my opinion much more comfortable than the ubuntu store.
    I realized, that the OpenStore is alread hosted at https://open.uappexplorer.com/ so I have some questions:

    1. What happens with the apps I installed via uApp Explorer -> Install will take you to the official appstore on an Ubuntu Touch device after ubuntu-store will be shut down. Will my phone will get updates if the apps are also in OpenStore?

    2. Will the Apps hosted and release-tracked in OpenStore be available or linked to uApp Explorer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    uAppExplorer is not a store in itself, it's just a frontend that uses the API for the Click-Store/Ubuntu-Store. It's independently operated by @bhdouglass. He wrote about it's future oh his blog, but some points might be outdated by now.

    Apps installed from the uAppExplorer app (which just redirects to the Ubuntu-Store) will most likely continue to work after the end of support. The Store will stay open until the end of this year and will also remain in the UBports images for now. If the apps released in that store use the same App-ID in the OpenStore, they can just be updated from there without reinstallation.

    The OpenStore is traditionally hosted at open.uappexplorer.com, but it's not tied to that domain. As a proof of concept, a mirror has been set up at openstore.ubports.com. The store might move to a seperate domain, but that's not decided yet afaik. Insights on that @Infrastructure?

    Hope that answerers your questions.

  • @NeoTheThird No so far no decision about any domain. But we will keep it compatible, so OpenStore uAppExplorer etc. will al remain and be our primary goal for App deployment.

    But we rely on the App maintainers to move their Apps to OpenStore. I think this will still take some time over the next months, many of them might not interested also. I think we can get the most important stuff moved, but some Apps may disappear at the end of the year, sorry to say.

  • @NeoTheThird said in Will uApp Explorer survive the cannonical UT shutdown?:

    Hope that answerers your questions.

    As far as possible for you fttb. So thank you.