Why no ZIP files?

  • Just recently purchased a Nexus 7 specifically for Ubuntu Touch. Here are the details shown on fastboot

    PRODUCT NAME - flo
    VARIANT - flo 32G
    HW VERSION - rev_e
    SERIAL NUMBER - 000xxxxx
    SIGNING - Yes
    SECURE BOOT - enabled
    LOCK STATE - unlocked

    Has anyone else successfully installed Ubuntu Touch on this specific device (with HW VERSION rev_e)?

    UBPorts Installer (ubports-installer.0.1.21-beta.exe) never recognizes the device and manually selecting Nexus 7 (wifi) the installer does not proceed past the "Please reboot to bootloader".

    ubports/ubports-installer.log says:

    {"level":"debug","message":"Welcome to the party","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:31.546Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"Killing all running adb servers...","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:32.625Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"Using fallback platform tools!","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:32.853Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:33.650Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"Successfully downloaded devices list","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:33.913Z"}
    {"level":"warn","message":"Running latest stable version.","timestamp":"2019-03-08T20:34:34.299Z"}

    "Command failed: ...\Temp\edb02a4d-570a-4d90-b599-a4da912530d9.tmp.exe -P 5038 shell echo 1\n* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5038\r\n* daemon started successfully\r\nerror: no devices/emulators found\r\n","stack"

    Since the installer does not work on either Windows or Linux (I have tried both), where are the ROM zips to manually install?

    It is not a good idea to only have the installer option.

  • @genifycom Ubuntu Touch is not a rom. You only need the installer but the Nexus 7 can be a bit awkward. With Windows are you using https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979 I installed with Windows and version 0.1.20 if the installer and it took 10-12 attempts. Try different usb cables, you can put the device into bootloader manually. Mine stuck after installing the UBports recovery and the cache had to be cleared before it completed.
    On another note why start another thread on the same subject it only confuses the issue.

  • @genifycom can you adb? Independently of the recovery?

  • @genifycom I have copied this thread over to your original to avoid confusion and hopefully get your issue sorted quicker. I hope you understand. to avoid spreading this further I will lock this thread and post a link to the original. Thank you.

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