New to UBports ...

  • hi all ! new here, i would like to share my experience with UBports
    tonight i plug my old Nexus 5 with a slimport hdmi adapter, and it works !
    with a real keyboard and mouse connected via bluetooth ,the experience seems to be great
    i enjoy the shorcuts with keyboard to navigate between windows, maybe crosses on top left seems too little to click
    i enjoy the right-side of the screen with mouse to show all the scopes
    i did not notice a lot of bugs, seems incredibly stable, just some lags sometimes, but nexus 5 is not a flagship !
    i enjoy the reactivity when trying the keyboard / latence /screen
    so let's continue : my next step, try to install Libertine to install real apps like Firefox or LibreOffice (at least Write)
    so , BIG BIG THANKS to all developers, the work is so big !
    so new to the forum i will follow these devlopements with a great interest , thank you
    (sorry for poor english language)

  • @jmarshallh yes, Nexus 5 is still a little beast 😉 I use it as my daily driver.

    Keep in mind that not all kind of software runs smoothly in Libertine yet. For example, Firefox doesn't work at all because there's an upstream bug.

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