Nexus 5 Instability

  • Hi All,

    I've been running Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5 for a couple of months now, and have been loving it.

    However I've been experiencing a bit of instability and my nexus will "randomly" reboot. Has any one else been experiencing this problem?


  • Sounds like the common power button is going bad problem that afflicts the Nexus 5. It's a hardware issue, not software. Only solution is to replace the physical power button (which requires hot air soldering capability, and some extreme patience).

  • @ChaoticBeard I use a Nexus 5 as a daily driver, and I'm not suffering that kind of issue.

  • @dobey Not easy to do so. I did it on mine, but still not working 100%.

  • @Stefano Indeed it's not easy. But it's the only fix short of buying another phone (which at this point is likely to be experiencing the same problem anyway if it's another Nexus 5). I took mine to a shop for the repair after struggling myself to do it, and that guy burned the motherboard ruining the wifi/bt connectivity.

  • @dobey Must have been an expert then 🙂 I hope you got a refund for that.

  • @dobey It might be the power button issue, but I don't feel like it is.

    The screen tends to lock up for a few seconds before the phone shuts down, is that indicative of the power button going?

    In fact as I was trying to write this post the phone locked up and vibrated for a minute or so before shutting down.

    At any rate I'll go through the fixes for the power button.

  • @Stefano I wish. A refund wouldn't have been enough. The repair was $20 (I already had the board out, I just took the button and board in and had it soldered), and was "no warranty/guarantee" for the repair. 😕 Needed a new phone after that, and $20 wasn't about to buy a newly working Nexus 5. So I ended up buying a Pixel (which was another adventure in suffering), after which the suffering led me to getting an HTC 10. So now I just use the N5 for testing UT stuff, but without network or bluetooth.

    @ChaoticBeard It seems like that could happen, if the button is getting stuck in the "pressed" position somehow. It's possible there could be a software issue, but whenever someone posts one of these threads, it always seems hardware is most likely cause.

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