Today scope without showing day scope

  • Last weekend I flashed ubports-image to my E 4.5. What I am missing now in today scope is the day number and information about sunrise and moon phases. That was displayed on top of the screen before. Marius Quabeck filed a bug in launchpad more than a year ago ( Is there a way have the dayscope back. The screen looks naked without it.

  • @Gerd For me too

  • same for me

  • Me too - on my Nexus 5

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  • E5hd andm10fhd as well ☺

  • Maybe you need to install another scope in addition? I think "Today" is an aggregate scope, ie, it draws information together from other scopes, IF they are installed.

  • @doniks You are right! I've inst event scope and the informations are in to 'today scope'. The problem now is find the other scope ... 😉

  • Good to know. Maybe you can summarize your findings here, and/or file a bug, such that the ubports guys can improve the out of the box experience.

  • @GIEMME The rest of the scopes are called :

    • Calls Scope
    • Messages Scope
    • News Scope
    • My Activity (If you have FitBit)
    • Twitter (I think it comes with the canonical twitter app ).
    • Tasks (Comes with the Tasks app ).

    I couldn't find the Holidays, Favorite Contacts , Moon phase/Day scopes.

  • @darkeye The missing scope must be this one Any idea to get this thing back into the phone or into sphere of ubports? Marius Quabeck mentioned in the Telegram-Supergroup, that the code could be proprietary and therefore misses in the images. I wonder if the maintainers of the package (not downloadble) could give a little help.

  • @Gerd It seems that its under GPL v3 it least by the license that was selected in launchpad... I asked the day-scope-team if it's possible to fork it to ubports i`ll update this thread if he replys.

  • @darkeye said in Today scope without showing day scope:

    • News Scope

    If I remember it right, the news scope itself is an aggregating one that relies on other scopes. I think I had BBC installed. Probably good to keep in mind for a nice out of box experience for the image to consider the whole set/chain of scopes.

  • @Gerd, @darkeye I have forked and built the Day Scope now using the original launchpad version.
    A click package which works for myself can be found with the changed code on my personal Github repo

    Unfortunately, the moon phase indication is not working any longer since an external API was used for this functionality which requires a fee-based license.

    @darkeye Feel free to fork my repository to the official UBPorts repository.
    Maybe, we could use another API provider for the moon phase like or we should remove the moon phase indication.

  • @marcokarlo Thankss! 🙂

  • @marcokarlo Thanks! I`ll have a look 🙂

  • BTW Does anybody knows which scopes are already migrated to UBPorts / openStore?
    When I was switching to UBPorts, the most scopes I had to install from the old Ubuntu store and if I remember correctly, this store will be closed at some point of time, so we would loose the possibility to install scopes.

    Is there some work ongoing to port some scopes to UBPorts? I would be willing to help with this task.

    Looking on the following page it seems that the Todays scope uses the following scopes in the same order if installed:

    So it seems IMHO necessary to port some of the Canonical scopes and Ubuntu REST scopes together with the Event Scope at least to UBPorts to keep the basic scope functionality.

    Does it make sense to fork the corresponding launchpad repositories to the UBPort project (All code seems to be using GNU GPLv3)?

  • @marcokarlo well I dont know of any scopes that we transferred to our Github, and from the core team no one is working on scopes right now, so you can fill in this position 🙂

    @sverzegnassi had a cool idea how to continue with a new "meta-scope" concept since in general UBports does not want to continue the current scope concept on the long run for various reasons. Maybe you can take a look at his screenshots (were they put only on Telegram Stefano? =)).

    For the present of course we can transfer/maintain/integrate the most important "system" scopes. So yes, please go ahead, write me a PM with a list of Launchpad branches that you need.


  • @marcokarlo: Thank you very much for providing the click package. I will try to install it after re-reading the "how-to-install click-packages".

  • @Flohack Did you mean this? 😉

    It's just an early exploration done through a QML mockup, the UX design is currently the same used for scopes.

    Conceptually, it should work as a JSON documents aggregator. Apps would be able to update their data in background, using the new account-polld service, or during app execution, and the homescreen would fetch those new data once they become available.

    This way the homescreen would work like a sort of Google Now clone, without sending user's infos here and there. Everything relies on the availability of those data locally.

    What it would get lost is the ability to perform per-scope and remote searches, however it would enforce a proper model where advanced features are provided by apps only. In any case, we could add a search bar in a different tab in order to allow online searches via Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. anytime.

    This would be available for all the third party apps that'd like to use it, with the only limitation that their "homescreen widget" could expire if their data are not up-to-date.

    A few integration cases I will probably take in account are: Apps, Events, Weather, News (e.g. Morning Digest, Afternoon Edition), Bookmarks, Contacts, Documents, Books, IM apps (e.g. for latest conversations list), Notes/Tasks, World Clock and Spotify playlists.

    Of course, this is just an idea that hasn't been validated yet. Nothing has been decided yet.

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