Oldish Style and Newer Style

  • I drew up a little "Guide" for app styling, taken from a few places. Credit to Johannes for walking me through the first few steps!

    It's just a quick and dirty mock-up of what I found most useful so far. Still have to see if I'm right


    Perhaps we should make a more formal documentation to support this?
    theming crossover explained-1.png
    theming crossover explained-2.png

  • @nickwise It could be cool if you want to contribute to the Human Interface Guidelines for UT


  • Ah nice, so we don't have a chapter about theming and how to use the Suru style stuff right(?). I guess we would repeat qqc2 docs covering the topic in a more general context(?), but who cares... Lets write it up for ourselves in our own docu(?).

  • This was primarily to help me understand it. If it's useless to everyone else, well that's what it is haha. It helped me and I figure it'll be a good check in case anybody sees something in it and sees a glaring error.

    I starred that gitlab, I'll look through it! Thanks for the link! Maybe this has already been covered and I failed to find it!

    I'd love to help wherever I can, but I don't want to make any promises about how much I will be able to do.

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