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  • I'm using Meizu MX4 with UBports already. Now I need an unzip app. Unfortunately didn't found such an app in the OpenStore and in Ubuntu Store. Where can I get an Unzip app that works on the device and how to install it beside the official way?
    Need it to download and open *.zip from a website or eMail.
    Thanks for reply.

  • Hi! IIRC File Manager has a built-in archives manager. You can install the application from both OpenStore and official (yet deprecated) Ubuntu Store.
    Please let me know if it worked for you. 🙂

  • @RudiH you can always unzip it with Terminal, just like on PC

  • @Stefano
    yes runs by me on terminal with
    command $ unzip filename
    my aquaris 5hd has no tuning in the moment
    (standart image from ubuntu/bq)
    so the package unzip is standard in ubu-touch-image from stock 🙂

  • @sverzegnassi

    Hi and thanks,
    File Manager is already installed here by default. When I try to open it in the folder, there comes up a note, that at the moment isn't an app istalled that cold handle this Typs. ??
    But I have already the problem on how to download from internet, can't find an option for it in the browser at all.
    I will use the terminal as suggested.
    Thanks a lot.

  • @sverzegnassi

    sorry my first answer is not really correct, cause as written the prob is by download already, when it ask me to select an app to open the file. The only app to select is OpenStore no other apps as option. So that's why I get confuse to that point. In FileManager may it works to open the file. My mistake was just a other filetyp with the same name I tried to open.

  • @RudiH
    try terminal app
    than goto downloadfolder i think its in phablet/ Download
    $ cd Downloads
    than tip
    unzip filename

    (hope that works :0)

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